Albany hospital gets extra 68m

Albany hospital gets extra 68m

New York City (AP) — A New York hospital has gotten a bit of an extra 68 million dollars from the state because its surgeons spent eight hours at a stretch during the marathon to save a girl with Stag호 게임e 4 leukemia.

The New York City Health Department reported Tuesday the hospital got $2.67 million in extra reimbursements for treating patients who were injured while treating patients.

This amount included reimbursements for the four hours it took to save a 12-year-old with advanced liv가평안마er cancer from a life-threatening complication to the emergency room after her mother, a firefighter, had to come into the emergency room with her and the child.

Afterward, the child had to undergo brain surgery at NYU Langone. Doctors said the girl’s brain was damaged and she likely won’t survive her cancer.

The hospital is still awaiting its annual report, which is required if an organization is receiving federal fund포항출장샵s.