Outrage dissent inside gaddafis stronghold

Outrage dissent inside gaddafis stronghold

Morsi’s supporters’ anger erupted after he had rejected the “revolutionary” proposal for an international investigation and instead demanded an inquiry in their home country.

He and three other senior Islamist officials were among more than 200 Morsi supporters arrested outside his Alexandria headquarters last month.

A top official in the Muslim Brotherhood said Sunday that the group would take the streets on Tuesday night to protest against the police crackdown.

“When the people of the country are fed up with government decisions, we are ready to take the streets and confront those who are breaking the law,” he told reporters. “The people are with us and with the army.”

“I would like to see the revolution. I have a responsibility to participate in the revolution, I have a responsibility to follow, and I have an obligation to protect,” he said.

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who is under pressure from protesters across Egypt for his handling of the crisis, had said the state security force and civil defense services should investigate the “incidents” with special responsibility for the country’s security, a spokesman for the state news agency said.

A report in Saturday’s state-run al-Ahram sa솔레어 카지노id a security official had said that the army and police force should be held liable for the “incidents” and they should be investigated as such.

The Al Hayat newspaper reported on Sunday that four policemen, a university professor and an academic were detained on Sunday by the Interior Ministry for allegedly planning attacks against the country’s stability. The men were in charge of the anti-graft unit in Alexandria wgta5카지노hen they were detained, the paper said.

The group, with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, is suspected of helping to run an “anti-graft” scheme, which is believed to have helped members of the former regime get elected and help with police and military operations against Morsi supporters.

Morsi’s supporters have also claimed that the state security forces were involved in an attack against them in March that left at least 18 dead.

It is also believed that security sources have identified former U.S. Army Lt Col. Ahmed al-Samri and the late Gen. Hisham Tarekh Abd el-Hakim as a key suspect in the killings, according to the Associated Press.

Tarekh was identified by the SITE Int출장elligence Group as the officer responsible for taking “lone wolf” attacks on his opponents. Al Samri, a senior Al Jazeer